What's Happening

The South West Community Animators currently have a number of activities we participate in, support, or co-ordinate.

1 play in the park Wednesday  and thursd
Stop Revive Thrive

Meditation / mindfulness sessions for people of all faiths and no faith.

These sessions offer an opportunity for people to reduce stress, improve their wellbeing, gain self awareness and connect with their spirituality.

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Pastoral Support

The Community Animators offer care to any member of the community who may be in need. We are Christian ministers, but welcome people of all faiths and none, offering:

  • a safe place and an open ear if you need someone to chat to.

  • care and support in times of uncertainty, crisis and loss, referring to professional services when necessary.

  • opportunities to express and explore your spirituality.

  • links to religious groups and faith communities.

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Play in the Park

Play in the Park is a chance to connect with other parents and carers who are home during the day, you are welcome to come along. 

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Yellow Hampers Project

The Yellow Hampers Project was developed to assist those in the community who have been impacted by situations outside of their control. Including Domestic violence, Covid 19, ill health, long term carers, unemployment, and disadvantaged communities. It provides a basic hamper filled with items to cook family meals to ensure no one in Macarthur goes hungry.

We are a collection point for donations for the hampers.  If you'd like to donate any items see the list opposite and contact us to arrange drop off.

Uniting Parenting Course

Uniting will be running a parenting course online beginning in April. All of their courses are evidence-based, drawing on the best thinking and learning in the areas explored. 

It is a free program for parents with children aged 0-12 years who would like to increase their parenting skills while also creating a greater connection with their child/ren.